Puhl Employee Benefits Inc.

SSQ Insurance

Puhl Employee Benefits Inc. with SSQ, designed the Travel Plan that is exclusive to COPA members.

The COPA Travel Plan Underwritten By The SSQ Financial Group

Finally, coverage for pilots. A unique feature of this plan is that it will cover you and your family, while you are piloting your aircraft, in the event of an indiscriminate landing outside your province of residence, other travel insurance plans do not provide coverage while you are piloting an aircraft.


The COPA Travel Plan covers all travel activities outside of your current province of residence, including while piloting an aircraft.


Planning a vacation? If you are traveling outside of Alberta, to the United States or overseas, even the smallest injury or illness can be devastating. Protect yourself and your family with emergency medical travel insurance.
Planning A Trip? Get Coverage!
We offer travel insurance programs for COPA members.

Puhl Employee Benefits Inc.

Puhl Employee Benefits Inc., in coordination with SSQ, designed the COPA Travel Plan that is exclusive to COPA members. Puhl Employee Bene ts Inc. specializes in “Association” travel insurance bene t programs and in meeting the unique financial and risk management needs of the association individual members. Puhl acts as the client service, administrative and marketing arm of the COPA travel insurance plan.


Puhl Employee Bene ts Inc. currently services 300+ companies and numerous provincial and national associations. Our professional expertise, as well as our trained support staff, located in Calgary, Alberta, enable us to provide superior customer service. We adhere to the standards set by Advocis (The Financial Advisors Association of Canada) and the Financial Planners Standards Council of Canada, designed to serve and protect the best interests of our clients.

SSQ Insurance Inc.

SSQ is the underwriter and claims arm of the COPA travel insurance plan. SSQ Insurance has been providing quality service to its clients for over 60 years. By offering a wide choice of travel insurance and risk management and investment products, SSQ continues to protect the present and ensure the future of over a million Canadians.

COPA Member Travel Insurance Plan

Annual Multi-Trip Coverage. Pay Once & Travel As Much As You Like
  • Annual Premium  under 70 – $327
  • Annual Premium 70-74: $570
  • Annual Premium 75-79: $1,140

** Saskatchewan residents are subject to 6% sales tax

  • Insured clients:
  •            Under age 65-pre-existing medical conditions are covered
  •            Age 66 – 69; 3-month pre-existing stability condition clause
  •            Age 70 – 74; 6-month pre-existing stability condition clause
  •            Age 75 – 79; 12 month pre-existing stability condition clause
  • Coverage: Emergency injury or sickness while traveling outside of their province or residence, all trips up to 45 days per trip maximum.
  • Pilots for commercial and non-commercial use.

Maximum $1,000,000 per injury or sickness per person including:

  • $10,000 ground ambulance
  • $15,000 medical evacuation
  • $5,000 remains repatriation
  • $5,000 family transportation
  • $1,000 hotel convalescence
  • $500 return of vehicle
Planning A Trip? Get Coverage!
We offer travel insurance programs for COPA members.

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