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Puhl Employee Benefits

We are a benefits management company
Who We Are
We have had the good fortune to be in partnership with the COPA Team and the Membership since 2010.
Since 1986, Puhl Employee Benefits has helped small businesses and associations manage their benefits and insurance programs. Our professional staff expertise and industry partnerships enable us to offer an off-site human resources centre.
We are here for you.
Products Available
Puhl Employee Benefits is a benefits management company, offering products and services to help employers and employees achieve their financial goals. Some of what we have to offer includes:
  • Travel Insurance
  • PHSP & HSA
  • Health & Dental Plans
  • Group Benefits
  • Group RRSP’s
  • Risk Management
  • Mortgage Insurance
  • Individual Insurance
  • Wealth Management
  • Retirement Planning
  • Virtual Doctor(s)
  • And More
Included is an introduction to Priority Pass, a free lounge entry service. Priority Pass
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Planning A Trip? Get Coverage!
We offer travel insurance programs for COPA members.
Allow us the opportunity to give a second opinion on your travel insurance.

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